Scouser [スカウサー]


Yahoo Answersのこちらの項目によると、
"It actually originates from a stew or casserole which people from Liverpool used to eat!! they used to keep a big pot on the stove when they were poor, and during the week all the leftovers were added to the pot and they would eat it at weekend...this stew was known as scouse!!"


Scouseで「リバプールの」を意味する形容詞となり、Scouseという名詞は「リバプールアクセント・訛り」となります(Scouse accentでもリバプール訛り・アクセントを意味します)。


例 I have a Scouse friend. リバプール出身の友達がいる。
例 Do scouse dogs speak in a scouse accent? リバプールの犬はリバプール訛りの英語で喋るのかね?
例 It's difficult to speak Scouse. リバプール訛りで喋るのって難しい。